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... a short, relatively non-substantive bit of gaming geekery that probably has a target audience of two, if I'm lucky.

I want to write up a Spirit of the Century hack based on Richard K. Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs novels, call it "Spirit of Altered Carbon" or something, in which you spend Fate Point Refresh to buy the sleeve you're in, and spend more or less of it depending on how much modification the sleeve's packing. From the books, it seems like most of what defines a character in SotC terms -- skills, aspects, even stunts -- are things that follow a personality from sleeve to sleeve, but in addition to that core each sleeve would come with its own package of stunts and/or aspects that would cost a certain amount of Refresh to possess.

And that's what I'm thinking about right now instead of doing homework.
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Of course, I'll have to put "proto-" in front of either one.
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[ profile] brawdymchwil and I have begun The Nikola Tesla / Lemmy Kilmister Memorial-Honorary Science Rock-Off. And we need suggestions of songs to set against each other to determine which is, in fact, the hardest-rocking.

Details here.


Jul. 12th, 2007 01:50 pm
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Life imitates art.

(Thanks, [ profile] monstrousform, for the heads-up on this one.)
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Awoooooooooooooooo...! )
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So, the lunchtime gaming crew met for our first session with the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG. Last week we did character creation, and this week we actually got to play. It was a ton of fun, for this humble GM at least, and the players seemed to like it, too. Here’s the report; it's really long, in case the number of cuts didn't make that clear.

The opening crawl )

The characters )

Today’s session )

All in all, a pretty action-packed, fun, and exciting 45 minutes of gaming.

(I told you the game played fast.)
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...will we ever recover?

From the Washington Post, January 20, 1917: GAY UNIFORMS BANNED
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...go grab a cuppa joe, and Force-choke a bitch for steppin'.

Happy Monday, y'all.
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... but we'll all be traveling by catapult/trebuchet/slingshot soon enough!

Let's hear it for early adopters!
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Because someone has to.


For more fun, read Greenwald on Moyers.
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EDIT: OK, so it started a tiger... now it's a wolf...
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Anyone going to be traveling to or from Syracuse sometime on Friday, April 6, around 9:30 PM? I got a friend of a friend who's gonna need a ride back from that city then, and could use a hand. Lemme know in comments or email.

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Specifically, today I <3 Google Maps.
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