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So, the lunchtime gaming crew met for our first session with the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG. Last week we did character creation, and this week we actually got to play. It was a ton of fun, for this humble GM at least, and the players seemed to like it, too. Here’s the report; it's really long, in case the number of cuts didn't make that clear.

The opening crawl )

The characters )

Today’s session )

All in all, a pretty action-packed, fun, and exciting 45 minutes of gaming.

(I told you the game played fast.)
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I had the pleasure to play in a Zorceror of Zo one-shot this weekend, run by [profile] contentedmoo. She's been good enough to post a kickass actual play report, which is well worth the read, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

And she let me play Hellboy. :-D
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Nigh two weeks overdue, here is the Actual Play report from the Spirit of the Century game I ran at Get-Your-Geek-On-A-Thon on Saturday, October 7. The characters played are illustrated here, and described here and here. For those averse to clicking, we ended up with six PCs: Dynamo Jones, Prudence the Librarian, Kid Shadow, Jane "Flygirl" Justice, Brick Hauser, and the President of the United States of America.

Thrilling tales within! )
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So, my Spirit of the Century game, by all accounts, rocked the house. Everyone had a great time -- which is saying something, what with having six players and a four-hour time slot. I plan to put up an Actual Play report, for those who enjoy such things... but for now, I'd just like to share one of the more tangible* benefits of having a professional illustrator in the game.

Our Intrepid Heroes! )

*A less tangible benefit, at least to y'all, is that Storn is a rockin' gamer, a pleasure to have at the table, and made a kickass Kid Shadow. Shoutouts to Josh (Dynamo), Jeremy (The Librarian), Paul (Flygirl), Kevin (Brick), and Bret (The Prez) as well. Thanks also to all y'all who contributed concepts/stat suggestions. And enormous thanks to [ profile] contentedmoo, who went above and beyond the call in getting these characters ready for play. Rock on.
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So, thanks to [ profile] drivingblind, I had a playtest copy of Spirit of the Century on my grubby hard drive as of last week, and last night I got a chance to run it. Thanks to [ profile] contentedmoo, [ profile] judd_sonofbert, [ profile] warriorbtch, and Kolja for stepping up and making the pulpy action and adventure happen!

AP report at

AP report and discussion at [ profile] drivingblind's journal
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So, last Sunday I ran a one-shot playest of Don't Rest Your Head -- a keen game written by [ profile] drivingblind. I sent him the Actual Play report, and he's posted it here.


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