Apr. 18th, 2008

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a library staff member who has just finished a lunch-hour reference desk shift must be in want of a meal outdoors. This is especially true on a day as gorgeous as today. So it was unsurprising that come one o'clock I found myself riding a bus downtown in search of sunshine and sustenance.

The latter came in the form of a delicious gyro from the stand that one can often find weekdays at the Commons and weekends at the Farmer's Market. I wasn't sure the weather would draw the proprietor out so early in the season, but there he was. Had he been down there all along, or did my yearning for his delectable wares will him into being even as I set foot upon the Seneca Street bus stop? A question for philosophers. Being ever the pragmatist, I cast such shallow profundities aside and sat on a low wall to consume the gyro of my desire.

Having finished my gyro and perfunctorily perused the stacks at Autumn Leaves, I walked up the Ithaca Coffee Company, where they wisely use ice cubes made of coffee in their iced coffee. With such a drink in hand, I took a bus back up the hill and -- with both time in my lunch break and coffee remaining -- strolled briefly around campus. Then, it was back to the library, feeling thoroughly refreshed.

In short: it was one helluva good lunch break.


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